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A simply MUST have sleep guide for any parent

For years, we have been trying to put into words our experience with how we approach sleep and settling with babies:  Our dynamic approach that enables your baby to connect with sleep and gentle techniques that are gradually applied.   
  We have done it and
is here now!


At Caroline's Angels, we provide you with a variety of services to guide and support you with your baby or child.
This is because the way you choose to improve your child's sleep, settling, behaviour or toileting issues are as different as each of your children are. 
We believe that every baby responds differently and our strength is in creating innovative and unique plans just for you and your family's needs.

Click on the age of your child and see the services that we can offer you, wherever you are in the world.

Caroline and Caroline

Caroline Radford RN RM                                                 
B Nsg ACU Queensland

Caroline McMahon RN RM
BAppSciNsg Curtin Uni WA



(phone and email) 

Angel Halo Packages are perfectly suited for you to utilise our expertise for a self paced and individualised plan and follow up support via email.
This is particularly suited for families with toddlers and for families who live outside of Perth metropolitan area  
The package includes
  • Individual assessment via phone and email
  • A personalised plan inboxed directly to you
  • One month of email support to guide you through your plan.

To book, click on your child's age box on left hand side of this home page and scroll down to "Angel Halo Package"





I just wanted to say you have been absolutely wonderful in helping to sort out my then 5 month olds sleep. He had been a cat napper in the day since a couple of months old and despite seeking out help from numerous other avenues early on, no one seemed to be able to give me any advice. Around 4 months it got worse with night wakenings of up to 10 times which I was not coping with! And having a toddler as well meant I needed to be getting some sleep!

I was super impressed right from the start. I emailed you on a Saturday night and you were on the phone to me Monday morning. You gave me a plan for the week or 2 until you were able to do the home visit. Having you come to the house to see what my family, environment etc was like was great. You really took the time to understand us and subsequently tailored strategies to suit our family. The follow up phone support was invaluable.

My little one is now 11 months. He's been sleeping through 6pm to 6/7am since about 7 months old when he dropped his overnight feed. He's sleeping anywhere from 45 mins to 2.5 hours in the day. He's done everything you said he'd do and I've used your strategies successfully to manage the inevitable changes/developmental milestones etc.

Thank you also for giving me some very much needed advice on toddler sleep (because when 1 sleeps well, Murphys law is that the other won't!). He is now going to bed and staying in bed "until the sun is up" pretty much every night. To our amazement he's also given up the dummy without too much distress with your suggestion.

I can't recommend you highly enough Caroline, so thank you! :) 

Alicia, Perth WA


We are incredibly grateful for the guidance we received on night and day sleep for our toddler. With Caroline's guidance, we now have a sleep routine that works for our daughter, and for us. A good sleep pattern definately makes for a happy household!"  and add at bottom   
Tracy and Malcolm  Perth WA

   Hi Caroline,
> Little baby Hunter is well.
> I truly believe the method you set out for me works! Whenever I have
> deviated slightly from the plan it is not as effective.
> Hunter is in his own room and while we are renovating our room I have
> set up my bed just outside his room.
> I started properly on Thursday and again Hunter is now sleeping in his
> cot, transferring easily, and self settling in just a few short days. WOW again.
> This from a little boy who, due to the environment changes the last
> few months, had reverted back to waking every two hours to feed,
> sleeping in my bed and the only way to get him to sleep was talking
> him for a walk in his pram!
> We have experienced everything from having to pick him up after an
> hour and start all over again, to placing him in his cot and not even
> having to go in there while he settled in 20 minutes all by himself
> protesting but not crying.
> Last night he went to sleep at 7:30 stirred a little at 10:30 and
> didn't wake for a feed until 12:30am. Hunter hasn't slept for 5 hours
> since before Christmas.
> Awake again at 2:30. Tried to settle and should have persevered but I
> fed him again. He stirred at 4:15 and woke at 4:45. I settled him in 5
> minutes without too much fuss. The minute I got back into bed he was
> crying. He was wriggling around so I changed him, gave him a cuddle
> and he went back in his cot.
> He is asleep at the moment and has been for an hour and a half.
> I know it is still going to take some time to have his routine working
> again but I am pleased and confident we will get there soon.
> He is such a sweet happy baby. Thanks to your original help I have had
> the confidence to go through this process again.
> Thank you again.
> Heather :-)

Hi Caroline

I thought I would send you an email to update you on Emily, and to say THANK YOU!!!


I cannot believe how well Emily has responded to her routine!!!  Allowing her to self settle by sucking her hands has made all the difference (we stopped the dummy straight away)!  Also, shifting her out of our room allows her to sleep through most nights, instead of me hearing her stir and assume she needed feeding.  She will occasionally wake for a night feed and I can hear her well enough from our room.


We follow the routine you wrote and I can now easily read Em's sleeping cues and she's usually back in bed within 90 minutes of waking.  She goes straight down and every other day may fuss a little between sleep cycles but that is improving each day, she slept a solid 2 hours from 8am this morning!  She's averaging 16hrs plus sleep each day and she's so happy and content it's just wonderful.


I am feeling much better and really enjoying Emily, she's really starting to 'talk' and is starting to use her hands to touch and reach for objects.


Thank you so much for your assistance, you really are amazing and I'm telling anyone who will listen how much you helped us and recommending you to everyone I can!


Thanks again!


Hi Caroline

I just wanted to email you a quick update and thank you soooooo much for all your help.

Kaylee is still self settling every sleep and sleeping through the night.

Jeff and I are still amazed and how much better life is now knowing that kaylee is sleeping properly and not having to spend up to an hour settling her for every sleep.

I've joined the gym and I'm getting out by myself a lot more now, I feel like I can focus on me and my health now that I have more time and less stress. Everyone can notice how much happier I am.

Thank you for turning it all around. You are worth every cent!


February 5
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