Toddler Behaviour

If you would like to know more about your toddler, how to understand their behaviour and:

  • How to deal with tantrums
  • What to do when your toddler is hitting or biting or being ‘rough’ with other toddlers
  • How to engage with your toddler and guide and nurture their behaviour


Then this package is for you.

Ideally suited to parents of children 1-3 years.  This provides you with one on one consultation time where we get to know  you and your toddler and design strategies for you to guide and nurture your toddlers behaviour and development.

The package includes:

    • ✓ A 1.5 hour in home observational visit – time to be alongside you and your toddler
    • ✓ A plan emailed to your inbox
    • ✓ A follow up phone consult after observational visit and email support for 1-2 weeks
    • ✓ Then we organise a 1.5 hour review visit with you to see how you are going implementing the plan and make any required adjustments
    • ✓ A follow up phone consult and email support for 1-2 weeks

This product is currently available in Perth Metropolitan area and is coming soon to Melbourne.  The total price for this package is $690. Simply follow the booking process to get started …