Caroline RadfordRN RM CHN BNsg
Caroline has two daughters. Caroline’s Baby Health and community based background, working with families within their own home settling, has led to the accumulation of many solutions to varying situations.
Caroline McMahonRN RM B.App.Sci.Nsg (Curtin)
Caroline or ‘Mac’, has two sons and found them to be difficult babies and poor sleepers. This led Mac to focus her research on alternative settling methods that are individualised for the baby, their personality and their own particular needs.

Our Valuable Consultants

Rebecca Gray RN RM CHN BNsg
Bec is a mum to 2 girls, a toddler and a young infant. Bec has years of experience working as a registered nurse in both adult and paediatric settings and has always had a strong passion for working with babies and children. In 2010 she completed her postgraduate certificate in child and adolescent community health and then went on to work as a child health nurse. Bec has a strong focus on supporting families during the early years of a child’s life
Anna Ayala RN RM BNsg
Ana has been a practicing Midwife (and still is) here in Perth with over 10 years of nursing and midwifery experience in woman’s and newborn health. As well as being the mother of one daughter Ana loves supporting women and families, helping them increase their confidence, empowerment and sleep!