Christmas Countdown Chart

The Christmas Countdown Chart is a fabulous way to engage your toddler into the notion of making changes.  Download my Christmas Countdown Chart for free!



The Christmas Countdown Chart is a wonderful tool you can freely download to help put a positive spin on any little (or big) thing you have been wanting to change in your little ones world.

Perfect to use with toddlers 2 +

Download Christmas Countdown Chart

Here are some of the ways you can use the Christmas Countdown Chart:

Dear Ollie

“You have been upgraded to being able to go to bed in your own bed”  Let the countdown begin!

Dear Isla

“You have been upgraded to being able to go to sleep solo, this is exciting!  At bedtime we can say goodnight and we will see you in the morning”

Dear Jack

“You have been upgraded to a cup and we can give your bottles back to the elves, they will leave you something special under the tree”

This simple technique works so effectively and is brilliant when used alongside Christmas or Easter.  However, the concept can be used anytime you want to plan a change and make it feel positive and engaging for your toddler.

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