Everything Toddler Series September/October 2019


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We are pleased to announce our Everything Toddler Series is on again!

Caroline Radford from Caroline’s Angels Baby Sleep Specialists is well known for her extensive knowledge and experience regarding toddler sleep and that experience and strategy also extends to toilet training and behaviour in toddler land.  All of our sessions are focused on understanding your toddlers behaviours and a gentle guidance approach to parenting.

Session 1 Toilets and your Toddler Wednesday 11th September at 7.15pm

This session is perfect for any parent who is about to embark on the toilet training process with their toddler.  Or for parents and extended family or caregivers who have attempted toilet training and encountered some hiccups along the way.  This session will cover:

  • Signs of readiness for toilet training
  • What equipment is right for you and how to set up for toilet training
  • How to prepare your toddler for toilet training
  • Managing the toilet training experience
  • Managing hiccups and spills along the way

Session 2 Toddlers and Nutrition Wednesday 25th September  – 7.15 pm

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian who specialises in fussy eating.  She is passionate about working with picky eater and their families to help make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone. Kyla has worked with fussy eaters for 10 years, and understands the difficulties parents face – she definitely won’t tell you to  “just make them eat it!”

Kyla also lectures in Dietetics at a Perth university and has completed her PhD in childhood obesity.  She is based in Leeming, WA but offers a home visiting service to Perth families, amongst other things.

You can check out her blog and weekly food product reviews at www.mealtimes.com.au.  She runs a support service for parents introducing their babies to solid foods over at www.babymealtimes.com.au.

This will be an amazing session and not to be missed.


Session 3 Understanding Your Toddlers Behaviour Wednesday 2nd October – 7.15 pm

This session is perfect for any parent, relative or caregiver of a toddler.  Toddlers are all about play, imagination, adventure and exploration.  This session will cover:

  • How to look at life through the eyes of your toddler and understand their development stage
  • How to nurture your toddlers development through guidance and play
  • How to provide a supportive framework for your toddler to safely explore and play
  • How to manage conflict where situations like tantrums, difficulty sharing, sibling rivalry, hitting and biting occur


Session 4 Toddlers and Sleep Wednesday 9th October  – 7.15pm

We all know that a good nights sleep is a basic human need.   Helping your toddler to achieve a happy bedtime and a healthy sleep overnight is the key to a happy and healthy toddler!  This session is for any parent, extended family member or caregiver who would like to help their toddler sleep better overnight.

Points of discussion to cover will be:

  • Setting up a safe sleep space that also improves the quality of your toddler’s sleep
  • Establishing healthy sleep routines for your toddler where they are happy to go to sleep
  • How to help your toddler to settle themselves to sleep and back to sleep overnight
  • How to create an evening without bedtime battles, reduce night wakings and early wakers

Teddy in bed


Tickets cost $55 per session


purchase 3 sessions and receive the fourth session for free

Ticket price includes:

  • Entry ticket for you and your parenting partner or one grandparent/support person
  • A downloadable copy of our “Dynamic Sleep Guide – Toddlers” only applicable to tickets for Toddler sleep session
  • Light refreshments




Session 1 Toilets and your Toddler Wednesday 11th September –  7.15pm – 9pm

Session 2 Toddlers and Nutrition Wednesday 25th September  – 7.15 pm

Session 3 Understanding your Toddlers Behaviour Wednesday 2nd October – 7.15pm-9pm

Session 4 Toddlers and Sleep Wednesday 9th October  7.15pm – 9pm


Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre

Board room – first floor ( upstairs, lift access available)

36 Dodd Street, Wembley

Further queries to Caroline Radford 0400840303 or caroliner@carolinesangels.com.au

Workshop Presenter


Caroline Radford  RN RM CHN BNsg