Gentle Ways to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Webinar


Join Caroline Radford for a Webinar all about improving sleep for your baby




Join me for this Webinar all about gentle ways to improve your baby’s sleep.  This Webinar will cover:

  • Understanding your baby’s sleep needs (timing sleeps, tired signs, sleep cycles and circadian rhythms)
  • Preparing safe sleep spaces for your baby that helps them actually sleep better
  • Preparing your baby for sleep through age appropriate pre sleep wind down routines
  • Gentle settling techniques to improve sleep (all settling techniques are gentle, appropriate for any age and does not involve CIO)
  • How to improve day time sleeps and reduce night waking

This session will be approximately 60 minutes.  You will be able to view the session live and ask questions during the session.  Or you can view the link at a time that is convenient for you.

When:  Session will be live on Monday 28th February at 2pm. Afterwards you will receive a link so that you can view session at your convenience.

Cost:   $20

Bonus offer:  You will also receive a downloadable copy of Caroline’s Angels Dynamic Baby Sleep Guide – appropriate for your babies age

About Caroline:

I have been working alongside parents with babies for 30 years with a background is Nursing, Midwifery and Child Health.  For the past 15 years have owned and operated Caroline’s Angels providing in home consultation with gentle, practical and evidence based strategies to establish healthy sleep patterns and improve sleep for families. I am passionate about helping families improve sleep appropriately for the age and stage of each baby.  My approach is to help parents to get to know key principles and apply them how they feel is manageable for their unique families situation.  This means you can gradually implement changes at a pace you, your baby and your family can manage.


Caroline Radford

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