Sleep Home Consultation – Baby, Toddler


This package includes:

  • Home consultation over two visits
  • 1 month of unlimited phone, email, text support.
  • Our ‘5 Steps To Sleep – For Babies and Toddlers‘ book

For further details see our Full Description below.


Your preferred consultant will get in contact with you to arrange a confirmed time and date. Please add any notes in the box below.

Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item


Are you are exhausted and frustrated? Is your baby’s sleep just not improving over time, getting you down and you can’t see any end in sight?  We can help you with proven gentle strategies that work and that don’t involve controlled crying.

Our Home Visits are available for families in Perth who are seeking additional support and  solutions for:

  • persistent night wakening
  • unsettledness
  • cat napping
  • difficulty settling
  • establishing self settling patterns

Our visit is very much hands on where we can stay with you and demonstrate gentle solutions for the area you wish to work on.

All our strategies are individualised for your baby or child’s needs and your parenting style. We provide you with a written plan and follow up support as needed.

The home visits are usually spaced out over a month depending on your individual needs. This is required to enable us to stagger change and phase in solutions gradually and gently. This is to allow for the individual changes necessary to improve sleep and for your baby to have time to adapt to changes between visits. The first visit will usually be between 2-3 hours and we can usually organise to visit you within 1-2 weeks of your booking.


This package includes:

  • Home consultation over two visits
  • 1 month of unlimited phone, email, text support.  We don’t count the number of calls and texts you will receive because some days you just need a little more support than others
  • Our “Dynamic Baby Sleep Guide” inboxed to you
  • Plus you will receive a bonus 3 month access to Dynamic Baby Sleep Pod – Sprouts or Seedlings (following the three month period it is $7.95 per month automatically charged unless opt out).  ‘Our Pods’ are closed Facebook groups that provide a forum for you to support and communicate with each other as well as seek our guidance.  Once you have made your purchase please request to join either:   If your baby is under 1 year.  Or  If you have a child over 1 year.

Our Home Visit package is available in Perth only for $850.  Other areas by negotiation