Tamara Perth WA

I’ve been meaning to send you an email for absolutely ages, to tell you how wonderfully both of my boys sleep now! Chase started sleeping PERFECTLY just days after our last emails back in November and has been an angel ever since. It’s amazing. He sleeps 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 or 2 hours in the afternoon. Quite often I have to wake him up after the 2 hours, and all he wants to do is roll over and go back to sleep! His night sleeps are absolutely brilliant too. We even went to Qld over Christmas to stay with family and they both slept perfectly every day and night – not a single disruption! So, thank you thank you THANK YOU for your help. I really can’t thank you enough!

Alyssa Perth WA

My husband and I just wanted to say a Big thank you to Caroline M for giving our life back again. We now have a happy toddler who doesn’t fight to go to bed and stays in her bed and sleeps all night. If it wasn’t for you we would still be having sleepless nights. We can’t praise and thank you enough:) Alyssa

Mardi Sydney NSW

My little one (16 months) recently started Family Daycare and I wanted to pass on some feedback to you Caroline M. Her carer mentioned to me how amazing my little lady’s sleep habits and behaviours were – thank you as this is a reflection of the work you have done with us both since she was 6 weeks old. No fuss with going to sleep in a new environment, she has her little toy she takes to bed for familiarity, her sleeps are 1.5-2 hours at daycare, no tears or struggle and happy on waking. You can’t ask for much more than that. Thank you for the strategies you have shared with myself and my little lady, they are adaptable in any environment.

Ali Perth WA

I had a phone consult with Caroline M 3 days ago regarding my toddler who has been waking every 2-3hrs at night for months. The advice and recommendations Caroline gave were respectful and sensitive to my son’s needs as well as my parenting style, and gave me a very clear plan to follow. Tonight is night 3 and the changes have already been so positive. No tears (his or mine!) either! Happy to go to sleep, far fewer wake ups and he’s waking with more energy. Thank you Caroline!

Esther Perth WA

Ava is sleeping beautifully now. She is in bed by 7pm and gets up somewhere between 6 and 7am for a snuggle and a breastfeed. We can’t quite believe it! Even her daytime sleep is better now and she is so much more content throughout the day. It feels like your advice has pretty much saved our lives, or at the very least, has made us feel like we are actually living again!

Deb Perth, WA

My angel wisdom package has now expired and I want to thank you for all your advice with regards to Milla’s sleep. Milla is sleeping brilliantly and she is a happy little girl. My life is so much easier too! Everyone comments on how well she sleeps but I never imagined it could be this good back when she was little and sleeping for 20minute spurts in my arms! Your advice has been invaluable and has made such a huge difference to our quality of life.