Caroline Radford has been successfully working to support sleep, settling, toileting and behaviour for babies and young children for over 25 years.  Caroline has found over many years that no two babies, or families are the same.  Whilst key principles about parenting are common amongst families, how each family needs to approach sleep and behaviour will be very different.

Caroline Radford has worked with Caroline McMahon as the creators of the “Dynamic Sleep Connection” model.  They assist health professionals learn more about baby sleep and how to work with the Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) model.  Whilst Caroline M is no longer working with parents within the home setting she is still active in her support of professionals through the DSC model.

Caroline Radford
Registered Nurse/Midwife/Child Health Nurse with Bachelor of Nursing
Caroline has worked with babies and young children alongside parents within the community for over 27 years.  With a Bachelor of Nursing Caroline began working in Paediatrics and then Midwifery.  When Caroline entered the community as a Child Health Nurse in 1993 her absolute passion for working with tired, sleepless families was founded.
I am so inspired by parents, especially tired parents, and their capacity to give and give and give.  I believe often seemingly overwhelming problems need the simplest solutions”  
Caroline established Caroline’s Angels alongside Caroline McMahon back in 2007 as both Caroline’s saw a real need to stay in home alongside parents and provide professional, evidence based support.  The partnership also saw the creation of the Dynamic Sleep Connection model that allows for key principles around sleep to be implemented in gentle, individual and phasic methods.
Caroline grew up in Queensland and has lived in Perth for almost 20 years with her husband where they have raised two gorgeous (now grown up daughters)
Caroline currently works alongside parents, both within the home and remotely with phone, email and Skype support to set up healthy sleep rhythms, and resolve specific sleep challenges.  All of their current research based strategies are individualised and gentle so that sleep can be improved with minimal stress.  Caroline is a member of the International Association of Sleep Consultants and are Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) founders and practitioners

Caroline’s Angels also provides a range of online sleep solutions which enable parents around the world to benefit from their years of experience.

Over our years working with many wonderful families helping their children to sleep well, we have come to see that there are five main steps for healthy sleep.

As we move through each of these steps, it is important to consider them as principles. How you apply each principle to your baby is going to differ from one baby to another (even between siblings).

Each of these principles can be applied to all babies.  However, it is how these principles are applied to each unique child that will differ.

You may find just by separating all feeds from your baby going to sleep as well as having the right sleep times for your baby that their sleep massively improves.  You may feel that at that point you are happy with the way your baby’s sleep is and not need to alter too many other factors.

For other babies, they will need every single step attended to in great detail in order for their sleep to improve.  As a family you may feel that you are putting in a lot of effort to improve things but with little reward.

As frustrating as this will most likely be for you, it is important to keep focused on meeting all of the recommendations to improve your child’s sleep.

Some families elect to get some support from us by way of a phone call, email support or an in home consult as we can support you through direct application of techniques and strategies.