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Toddler Sleep and Behaviour Consultations

Caroline’s Angels can support you with all aspects of toddlerhood including behaviour, sleep and toileting questions.  Whether you chose a one off phone consultation, tailored plan or a home visiting package – we have you covered.

Phone Consultations

Our Toddler Phone Consultations are available for families Australia-wide to discuss your concerns around

  • Your child’s behaviour
  • How to manage tantrums
  • How to proceed with toileting
  • How to improve sleep and settling
  • How to transition to a bed
  • Managing nightmares or night terrors
  • Fussy eaters
  • Altering routines and changes
  • Commencing toilet training
  • Toilet training complexities
  • Hitting, biting, sharing, sibling rivalry
  • Anything that concerns you in the 1-5 years age group

You do not need to be an existing client or to have received a home visit in the past, you can purchase a one-off Phone Consultation anytime that you need.

***Please note *** Due to the current Covid-19 conditions, and in order to provide support, contact and advice to families phone consultations have been drastically reduced to $25 – whether for an initial or subsequent phone consult.  This offer will continue until 30/6/20.  You can pre-purchase consults up to 30/6/20 at the discounted price for use anytime up until 30/6/21.  Pre-purchased calls can also be gifted to friends for use during this period.

Our Toddler Phone Consultation services are available Australia-wide. Our initial one-off phone consultations is $99  for up to 45 minutes and $75 for up to 30 minutes for any subsequent consultations.

If you have multiple queries or queries about more than one child additional phone consultations may be required.

Simply follow the booking process to get started and we will get back to you with a time to give you a call within 1-2 business working days.

Tailored Sleep Plans

We believe all toddlers are unique and our Tailored Sleep Plans are especially designed for your toddler’s unique needs and temperament in mind.

If your toddler is

  • Tricky to settle
  • Night waking more often then you feel is right for their age and stage
  • Hard to settle to sleep at night
  • Experiencing stress or tension around sleep, settling or bedtimes

This package includes:

  • An individualised and comprehensive assessment by our Caroline’s Angels Consultants who are specifically trained using our Dynamic Sleep Connection™ framework
  • A tailored plan prepared for your sleep situation inboxed to you usually within 1-2 business days
  • A downloadable copy of Dynamic Toddler Sleep Guide inboxed to you

Here’s how it works:

  • Following your purchase you will receive a questionnaire to complete and email back to us. You can also send us video footage of what is occurring around sleep for your baby/child.
  • Once we receive your questionnaire we do an intense review and create an individualised sleep plan for your newborn based on our well researched Dynamic Sleep Connection™ framework
  • You will then receive our downloadable Dynamic Toddler Sleep Guide inboxed to you
  • Follow up support can also be additionally provided if needed through our phone, email and in-home consultation services (additional costs apply)

Our Toddler Tailored Sleep Plans are available Australia-wide for $129.

Virtual Home Visit Toddlers

The Virtual Home Visit Package for Toddlers is designed to provide you with an individualised plan with regular support via FaceTime so that you can gently make changes to sleep, behaviour and toileting within your own home, wherever that may be in the world.  The realtime support of attending to a behaviour during a FaceTime consult means we can guide strategy specifically to your child’s needs and your home setting.

This package specifically suits:

  • parents who would like to make change gently and incrementally
  • toddlers where maintaining change in their home environment is important

This package includes:

  • Initial FaceTime Consultation
  • An individualised and comprehensive assessment by email
  • A tailored plan inboxed to you
  • 3 follow up FaceTime Consultations
  • A month of email support for all the little questions along the way
  • Our Dynamic Toddler Sleep Guide inboxed to you

Our Virtual Home Visits are available World-wide for $420. On Sale $380

Home Visits (Sleep Consultations)

Home Visiting services are now open and underway.  Please view the calendar for availability and to select a date and time that suits you best.  Thanks so much for your patience and support.  C   


Our Toddler Sleep Home Visits are available for families in Perth who are seeking additional support and solutions for:

  • Improving night sleep and reducing night wakenings
  • Helping their toddler to go to sleep
  • Transitioning from 2 sleeps to 1 day time sleep

Our visit is very much hands on where we can stay with you and demonstrate gentle solutions for the area you wish to work on.
All our strategies are individualised for your toddler’s needs and your parenting style. We provide you with a written plan and follow up support as needed.

The home visits are usually spaced out over a month depending on your individual needs. This is required to enable us to stagger change and phase in solutions gradually and gently. This is to allow for the individual changes necessary to improve sleep and for your toddler to have time to adapt to changes between visits. The first visit will usually be between 2-3 hours and we can usually organise to visit you within 1-2 weeks of your booking.

This package includes:

  • Two in home visits of approximately 2-3 hours duration
  • One month of telephone and/or email support
  • A downloadable copy of our “Dynamic Baby Sleep Guide – Toddlers” inboxed to you

Our Toddler Sleep Home Visit package is available in Perth areas only for $850.

Home Visits (Behaviour Consultations)

Our Toddler Behaviour Home Visits are perfect for families who would like to know more about your toddler, how to understand their behaviour and:

  • How to deal with tantrums
  • What to do when your toddler is hitting or biting or being ‘rough’ with other toddlers
  • How to engage with your toddler and guide and nurture their behaviour

Our Toddler Behaviour Home Visits are currently only available for parents in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Ideally suited to parents of children 1-3 years.  This solution provides you with a one on one consultation time where we get to know  you and your toddler and design strategies for you to guide and nurture your toddlers behaviour and development.

The package includes:

  • A 1.5 hour in home observational visit – time to be alongside you and your toddler
  • A plan emailed to your inbox
  • A follow up phone consult after observational visit and email support for 1-2 weeks
  • Then we organise a 1.5 hour review visit with you to see how you are going implementing the plan and make any required adjustments
  • A follow up phone consult and email support for 1-2 weeks
  • A downloadable copy of our “Dynamic Baby Sleep Guide – Toddlers”

Our Toddler Behaviour Home Visit package is available in the Perth Metropolitan area only for $690.