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Meet the Carolines’

Caroline Radford and Caroline McMahon, or “The Carolines” as they are affectionately known, have been successfully working to support sleep, settling, toileting and behaviour for babies and young children independently and together for almost twenty years. They have found over many years that no two babies, or families are the same.

The Carolines’ are also the creators of the “Dynamic Sleep Connection” model by which they practise. They assist health professionals learn more about baby sleep and how to work with the Dynamic Sleep Connection (DSC) model.

Caroline McMahon
Caroline McMahon
Caroline or ‘Mac’, has two sons and experienced great difficulty with feeding and sleep with them as babies. She understands how challenging parenting can be. This led Mac to focus on developing alternative settling methods that are individualised for the baby, their personality and their own particular needs.  She had a clear understanding that a ‘one size fits all’ method is not suitable for the uniqueness of each baby and their family.   With not being able to find a suitable model to work with, Mac and Caroline R created Dynamic Sleep Connection™ infant sleep model in 2016.  Combining their extensive years of working with families, The ‘Carolines’ were able to use their extraordinary depth of knowledge to now be able to assist parents all over the world.
Mac co- authored “5 Steps To Sleep – For Babies and Toddler’s’ in 2014.
Mac became the first Dynamic Sleep Connection Certified Practitioner in the world in 2016 and her dream is to assisting health professionals to work more closely with families experiencing sleep challenges using the Dynamic Sleep Connection™ model, so more families have choices about how they wish to address their child’s sleep
Caroline Radford
Caroline Radford

Caroline has worked with babies AND toddlers for over 27 years.  Caroline has a background in Nursing, Midwifery and Child and Family Health Nursing and has predominantly worked within the community setting alongside parent. Caroline has a wealth of experience around Sleep and Behaviour for babies and toddlers and can utilise her health background to create a plan that is safe and right for each baby or child. Caroline and her husband have raised two daughters together and understands the complexity of parenting from a mothers perspective.

5 Steps to Sleep

5 Steps to Sleeps helps you to understand why your baby is not sleeping and how to implement gentle steps for a healthier sleep for your baby and you.

Our solutions are gentle and effective and much easier than you think. So, don’t wait another day when your family could be sleeping much better – sooner than you think!


How Can We Help?

Respite Care

Our Newborn Respite service offers you the support of a Midwife, Child Health Nurse or Paediatric Nurse in-home to support you and your new baby’s 24/7.

In-Home Consultations

We’ll come to you and demonstrate gentle solutions for the area you wish to work on.


Tailored Sleep Plans

Our Tailored Sleep Plans are especially designed for your baby or child with their own unique needs and temperament in mind.

Phone Consultations

One-off phone consultation can be purchased to discuss your needs.

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Ava is sleeping beautifully now. She is in bed by 7pm and gets up somewhere between 6 and 7am for a snuggle and a breastfeed. We can’t quite believe it! Even her daytime sleep is better now and she is so much more content throughout the day. It feels like your advice has pretty much saved our lives, or at the very least, has made us feel like we are actually living again!

Esther Perth, WA

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My son was sleeping tops 40 mins round the clock. I got some support from my Dr for depression related to sleep loss and Caroline came for a chat. She worked out a specific plan for our son, and within days he was sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches. Our life as a family changed and we started to bond. Just over 4 years later we still use a modified routine based on the first one she gave us. He sleeps 12 hours a night most nights. I couldn’t imagine never calling her. I couldn’t recommend her more.

George Perth, WA

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I took up the phone consultant with Caroline M and she was great gave awesome tips. we just had to tweak a few things and bub is sleeping longer and longer every night. wasnt just sleep tips but food and everything:) highly recommend

Sara, WA